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Inclusive outdoor school furniture – a must at Queechy High School

Discover the new kids outdoor seating at Queechy High School that combines comfort, style and toughness to create an interactive community space for the students

Queechy High School is located in the suburb of Norwood, just a few kilometres from the Launceston CBD in Tasmania. The school focuses on creating an inclusive learning environment, where every student feels part of a community that shares a sense of belonging and connectedness. With a large, and growing, student body, the school was looking to add appropriate seating to some generously sized outdoor concrete and grassed areas. Key among their requirements was the need for sturdy furniture that would provide not only years of trouble-free, low maintenance service, but also a comfortable and inclusive environment for students to gather and socialise.

Based on the two different surfaces, and the need to create an inclusive environment, the team at Felton Industries recommended one of our most versatile and popular products, the Compact Park Setting. Comfortably seating up to 8 people on four seats around a central tabletop, the Compact Park Setting is ideal for group engagement and interaction. Engineered for strength, to benchmark-setting standard, the Compact Park Setting is made entirely of premium, Australian aluminium. It’s ability to be free-standing, or bolted down for complete stability, makes the Compact Park Setting ideally suited when different surfaces are involved. Utilising up to 20% more aluminium than alternative offerings, its rugged durability is backed by a 7-year warranty. And, being a part of Felton Industries’ standard product inventory, the Compact Park Settings were able to be delivered and installed in no time at all.

Adding an extra dimension to Queechy High Schools’ spacious outdoor areas, the new settings were a big hit with the student body. Ticking every box on the schools’ list of requirements, the Compact Park Settings blend comfort, style and unbeatable toughness to create an interactive, community environment.

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Felton Industries compact setting at Queechy High School
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