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Boosting seating capacity at Whittlesea Secondary College with a Felton Park Bench

Discover how Felton increased seating capacity for the limited outdoor space at Whittlesea Secondary College with an aluminium outdoor bench seat

Although it’s just 40 kilometres from Melbourne’s bustling CBD, the township of Whittlesea has a delightful rural character and a connected local community. At the heart of this community lies Whittlesea Secondary College with more than 800 students drawn from over 30 regional junior schools. Needing to provide additional seating, with limited available space, the school’s management contacted the team at Felton to discuss an affordable, outdoor furniture solution.

It was quickly determined that utilising perimeter space next to the schools’ buildings was the most viable solution, and that Felton’s Above Ground Bench Seat was the ideal product for the project. Available in 2, 3 and 4 metre standard lengths, and easily customisable if required, they blend comfort with a low profile, minimising the space required for installation. The school selected a combination of 3 and 4 metre benches to create seating for up to 52 students. Bolted down for safety and stability, their position next to the building walls created a convenient back rest while the eaves above afforded some shelter. Manufactured completely from premium, Australian aluminium, and finished with a marine-grade anodised coating, Felton’s Above Ground Bench Seats are able to withstand the toughest conditions and will never rot or splinter. And, being fitted with Felton’s patented Safety End Caps as standard, ensures that there are no rough edges that might scratch or tear.

Both the school, and the students, were delighted with the end result. Significantly boosting seating capacity, the installation of the Above Ground Bench Seats had a minimal effect on available space while having a substantial impact on student comfort.

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Whittlesea Bench Seating
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