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Elite Portable Grandstand

Innovation in Grandstand Design

The Elite Portable Grandstand offers premium, portable and versatile spectator seating for sportsgrounds, schools, parks and venues across Australia. With 5 Tiers, superior uninterrupted views and outstanding portability the Elite Portable represents innovation in grandstand design. 

The Elite Portable Grandstand can be towed around a sportsground or moved with a forklift. Here the groundsman uses both options to move the grandstand to a new spectator location

How do you put together the Elite Portable Grandstand?

Key Features Overview

Comfortably seats up to 85 people (9m option) and 55 people (6m option)

5 Tiers - raised height for superior, uninterrupted spectating

Outstanding Portability with Towable Sled Base and Fork Tine Access

Fully designated walkway and spacious double plank footwells means feet stay off seats and seats stay clean

Highly durable with 100% aluminium construction

Enhanced Safety features including Full mesh safety surround and fully enclosed between tiers

Australian Made built for tough conditions

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