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Transform your outdoor spaces with our unique, modern street furniture. Our Ribbon range of street furniture has a contemporary architectural design and is a perfect fit for any setting, be it urban landscapes or lush parklands. Alongside our Ribbon range is the Caring for Country outdoor furniture range. This exceptional line of outdoor street furniture features spectacular Indigenous art by the award-winning artist Brett Parker, Billyara.

All our street furniture is 100% Australian made and designed to meet the Australian Standard AS 1428 2 (R2015). The Ribbon Street and Park Furniture range is available in Blackbutt Timber, Acacia Wood Grain Finish on Aluminium or Anodised Aluminium. The Caring for Country range is made from aluminium with a woodgrain finish. The Ribbon range stands out with unique features that add functionality and aesthetic appeal. The iconic open-loop frame ensures a clean, modern look throughout the range. The elegant leg supports on the outdoor timber bench seats and tables not only add to the design but also enhance accessibility and eliminate trip hazards. The radius edges and wide battens deliver added comfort. The beautifully finished tabletops are coupled with practical stops which keep things on the table whilst showcasing refined powder-coated charcoal frames.

Our bin enclosures are not only practical but also stylish, featuring an angled roof rainwater cover, attractive panels, and a front hinging door with secure locking. We’re all about customisation, and all seating can be tailored for DDA compliance.

Both the Ribbon range and the Caring for Country range are ideal for outdoor park furniture or street furniture. Get in touch with the team today if you have any questions on 1800 834 016.

Recently Viewed Products

Experience the Elegance of Quality Street and Park Furniture

Street and park furniture is an important component of designing accessible and usable outdoor spaces. It is a complementary addition that enhances public engagement and adds charm to your outdoor areas.

At Felton Industries, we’ve been partnering with councils, landscapers, contractors, and architects, all of whom play a key role in designing your outdoor spaces. Conversations with our partners have led to us designing an outdoor street furniture range that is versatile and works across a wide range of different public spaces.

Diverse Range of Outdoor Street Furniture

We have a diverse range of street and park furniture with different options depending on your outdoor space requirements. Our range expands across quality Australian timber bench seating, outdoor table settings, bin enclosures, and our Caring for Country Range which incorporates Indigenous artwork and storytelling within stunning outdoor furniture. Below are some of the items included in our street park furniture range.

Barradam-bang Bench Seat with Backrest: This bench seat combines a stunning wood grain finish as a backdrop for our Barradam-Bang artwork across the bench’s backrest.
Wirimbirra Wirimbirra Bin Enclosure: A practical yet elegant bin enclosure, adorned with breathtaking Indigenous art by award-winning artist Brett Parker, Billyara.
Caring for Country Package: A unique opportunity to purchase a standout collection of spectacular Indigenous outdoor furniture. Our Caring for Country Package includes our Burbang Birrang Outdoor Setting, Barradam-bang Bench Seat with Backrest and Wirimbirra Wirimbirra Bin Enclosure.
Ribbon Bench Seat: Incorporating a contemporary architectural design, this bench seating is available in Australian Hardwood Blackbutt Timber, Acacia Wood Grain Aluminium, or Anodised Aluminium slats.
Ribbon Bench Seat with Backrest: Designed in accordance with Australia Standards (AS1428.2), this bench is DDA compliant and designed for accessibility and mobility, enhancing any outdoor area.
Wheelchair Ribbon Outdoor Setting: A DDA compliant, wheelchair accessible setting that effortlessly compliments a range of outdoor spaces.

Choosing Your Ideal Street Furniture

Selecting the appropriate street furniture is crucial in creating an inviting outdoor space. Depending on the needs of your space, here are some key factors to consider:

Location and Purpose: Who will be the primary users? Where will the furniture be located? Understanding these aspects will help you choose the most suitable outdoor furniture for your space.
Material Selection: The right material increases the longevity of your outdoor street furniture. It needs to be sturdy, non-corrosive and weather-resistant, making it durable for the outdoors. Australian class 1 durability Hardwoods or anodised aluminium are ideal choices.
Design and Style: Attractive Street furniture should seamlessly blend into your outdoor space’s landscape, with style and visual aesthetic playing an important role in the sense of place. Opting for timeless designs increases longevity and reduces the need for replacements.
Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: At Felton, we offer environmentally sustainable options. Our Australian Class 1 Hardwoods utilise local supply chains for our Blackbutt timber and our Marine Grade Anodised aluminium extrusions are recycled reducing carbon emissions by up to 50%.

Felton: Your Trusted Partner for Street Furniture

Being ISO 9001 certified we ensure quality management is utilised across all our outdoor furniture. This means your street furniture has been manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Being a 100% Australian made and owned outdoor furniture company we use local and sustainable supply chains to produce stunning outdoor furniture. Purchasing from our street and park furniture range is simple and convenient with purchasing available easily through our website in our Buy Now or Get a Quote options. Our friendly sales team can also assist with any purchasing or product enquiries. Get in touch today on 1800 834 016.

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