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Kids Outdoor furniture for Childcare Centres, Preschools and Schools

Our Ezyseat range of preschool outdoor furniture is perfect for your childcare centre, preschool or early primary school environments.

Ezyseat is specially designed for Austalian children and Australia's harsh weather conditions. We use quality aluminium seating with bold colours to brighten the playground and stimulate young minds.

Our Ezyseat children's outdoor furniture range is reknowned for its premium quality, durability, exciting colours and low maintenance preschool outdoor tables and chairs and bench seating. It comes is an array of sizes and styles to fit your organisations needs.

You can also Create Your Own Style of Bench seating with the Ezyconnect easy-to-use joiners which allow you to make your bench seating fit your environment. See our snake, horseshoe or tree circle example options!

View our most popular outdoor furniture for childcare below.

Need help deciding? Call our friendly team today on 1800 83 40 16 to find the right solution for your organisation.

Using Kids Outdoor Furniture to Create Fun, Colourful Outdoor Furniture Space

Kids Outdoor Furniture can be a great tool to encourage kids to utilise outdoor spaces. By placing items like children’s bench seats, and tables and chairs into your outdoor spaces, you create a  designated outdoor space which helps to better organise your outdoor play spaces. For example, by implementing kids’ outdoor benches into a specified outdoor area of your education centre, this can be a cue that eating lunch or socialising can take place here.

It also can be a great opportunity to implement colour into your outdoor space. As colour is a key determinant of kid’s imagination and creativity this can be a great opportunity to place some into the area. Colour is easy to implement into our outdoor furniture, here at Felton, we make it easy to achieve through our patented safety end caps and powder coated frames. This allows your bench or table to easily incorporate eye-catching colours with some options available include red, blue, green, yellow, orange or purple.

Explore our Range of Kids Outdoor Furniture 

Kids Above Ground Bench Seat: Create the perfect environment for your students with the revolutionary Felton Ezyseat Above Ground Bench Seat. Built to exacting standards, these strong and durable aluminium bench seats are the perfect solution to your seating needs.

Kids Park Setting: Get the kids working together with this awesome interaction starter! This colourful and engaging setting is designed to make it more comfortable and easy work, eat or play.

Kids Lunch & Learn with Laminex Top:  The Laminex top makes these outdoor table and chairs ideal for outdoor classrooms and lunchtime. This colourful and engaging setting is designed to make it more comfortable and easy work, eat or play.

Ezyconnect Package: Use our EzyConnect Outdoor Furniture pieces to create fun and colourful packages. Our Ezyconnect packages allow you to create a different and exciting learning atmosphere to help inspire creativity. Choose from three different package options. With our Snake Package incorporating 3 x 2m In Ground or Free Standing Above Ground Bench Seats, Ezyconnectors and Patented Safety End Caps. Our Horseshoe Package helps to facilitate group involvement and communication and our Tree Circle helps to provide continuous seating,

Benefits of Outdoor Kids Furniture 

Through utilising Outdoor Kids Furniture, your childcare, preschool or outdoor kids furniture can offer several key benefits to improving your child’s outdoor space. Some examples of key benefits include:

Encouraging Outdoor Play: Through implementing outdoor kids furniture your organisation creates a clear and dedicated space for your child to engage in outdoor activities.

Allows Social Interaction and Collaboration: Allows kids a dedicated space to interact and play. This helps to better promote social interaction, teamwork and collaboration.

Physical Development and Active Lifestyle: Provides children with the opportunity to develop their motor skills. Kids outdoor furniture provides opportunities for climbing, balancing, crawling, strength promotion and overall coordination.

Outdoor Learning Opportunities: Time spent outdoors especially within younger years additionally provides children with outdoor learning opportunities.

Improve useability of Outdoor Spaces:  Outdoor Space Useability is additionally improved through adding in key pieces of children’s outdoor furniture to better utilise outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Furniture for Kids Made Easy to Order 

When ordering Outdoor Furniture for Kids for your education centre or outdoor space, we offer an easy and simple ordering process. Simply browse the products within our “Kids Outdoor Furniture”, select the items of interest and add them to your cart. For any customised requests, our expert team are available to assist you in finding the right solution.

Don’t wait any longer to find the perfect outdoor furniture for kids selection for your organisation. Order now through our website today, or get in touch with our friendly sales team for any product selection or customisation requirements. Our expert team are easily reachable on 1800 834 016.

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