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Current and upcoming grants in Queensland

Looking for a grant to assist you with your outdoor furniture purchase? Take a look through the current and upcoming external grants available that may suit your organisation. Get a quote for your grant on the form below or contact the team on 1 800 834 016.


Outdoor Furniture Grants for Queensland


Minor Infrastructure and Inclusive Facilities Grant

Queensland Government is offering funding to make sure local sport and active recreation facilities are more inclusive and operate more efficiently. Funding is available to encourage projects that meet local community activity. Category funding is being offered that increases inclusivity and accessibility of changerooms and amenities and increasing field infrastructure to better meet community requirements.

 Amount $50,000 to $580,000

Opens: 27 September

Closes: 16 November 2023

Sunsmart Shade Creation Initiative

The cancer council and Queensland government are offering funding to organisations to purchase permanent, hard roof fixed shade structures in the Sunshine Coast Queensland region. Funding is being offered to primary and secondary schools, junior sporting clubs and community childcare facilities.

 Amount: up to $25,000

QCoal Community Grant Program

Grant program is aimed at encouraging community-led initiatives to improve liveability, health and education in communities throughout regional and remote Queensland.

Amount: up to $15,000

Closes: 15 Jan 2024

Ergon-Energex Community Fund

Grant program is aimed at providing funding to not-for-profit community groups, local government, educational institutions, charities, sporting clubs, industry or business associations and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Organisations. Projects are being prioritised that build community resilience and aid in disaster recovery. Eligible projects include those that provide lasting benefits including kids education programs, critical community-based equipment or facility upgrades.

Amount: up to $10,000

Closes:  5.00pm, 24 Nov 2023

Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements

Provides relief measures that may be activated following an eligible disaster to assist individuals, small businesses, primary producers, not-for-profit organisations, local governments and state agencies.

Amount: Unspecified

Rounds: None - Always Open

Sport & Recreation Disaster Recovery Program - Level 1 & Level 2

Supports not-for-profit sport and recreation organisations with funding to re-establish their facilities and activities after extreme natural events, including flooding and associated damage.

Funding of up to $5000 (Level 1) and $20,000 (Level 2) may be available for eligible sport and recreation organisations located in areas declared under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Amount: Up to $20,000

Rounds: Always Open

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Outdoor Furniture Grants for Queensland


First Nations Sport and Recreation Program

Qld Government is providing funding to increase the physical activity levels of Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander peoples in non-discrete communities.

Project categories for funding are open across employment, participation, equipment and capability and capacity.

Round 3 Opens : Early 2024

Round 3: Amount $25,000 to $200,000

Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Allocates funding to not-for-profit community groups to help them provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

The fund is Queensland’s largest one-off grants program, distributing approximately $60 million per year to Queensland communities.

Rounds: 2024 Rounds Release soon

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