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Shop Our Range of Street Furniture, Park Furniture and School Outdoor Furniture

Browse our range of premium quality aluminium outdoor furniture including grandstands, outdoor bench seats, outdoor lunch tables and chairs, park settings, picnic tables, park shelters, bin enclosures and more!

Our outdoor street furniture selection brings vibrance to outdoor spaces, making outdoor areas inclusive, and creating accessible meeting places to build friendships, communities, clubs and schools.

At the heart of Felton Industries brand is our mission to design and create products of the highest quality and safety. We are certified Australian made and owned and proud achievers of ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, and are accredited suppliers of local government organisations and education departments and have serviced these sectors for over 20 years.


Introduction to Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium is a silver-white metal that has a lot of outstanding properties that make it a fantastic choice for Australian Outdoor Furniture. Aluminium is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material which boasts one of the highest recycling rates of any metal.

The finish of aluminium ensures that it is low maintenance and being UV resistant, it is able to withstand the harsh Australian sun in a range of outdoor spaces. It is also a strong and highly durable material making it ideal for low maintenance environments.

Here at Felton Industries, we have been providing commercial aluminium outdoor furniture, to Australian outdoor spaces for more than 20 years. Our Outdoor Furniture is Australian-made and designed to meet Australian Safety and Quality standards. We have designed our Outdoor Furniture to last, with each of our outdoor furniture pieces coated with a marine grade, anodised finish making it resistant to wear and tear and vandalism.

Felton’s Range of Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

We offer a broad range of Aluminium Outdoor Furniture, engineered for schools, councils, sports clubs, businesses, architects, accommodation and other industries.

  • Grandstands

Our spectator seating and outdoor grandstand range incorporates premium and sustainable aluminium to create quality and lasting spectator viewing opportunities. Choose from our select, elite portable, deluxe and tiered seating range.

  • Outdoor Shelters

Our outdoor shelters provide shaded, sheltered, protection rain or shine from harsh Australian weather elements.  Our shade also offers elements of UV protection, with our shelters incorporating seated options to further increase the useability of outdoor spaces.

  • Aluminium Outdoor Tables and Chairs

Our Aluminium Outdoor Tables and Chairs help to promote interaction for individuals, across a range of locations including schools, parks, sports clubs and community organisations. Across our Aluminium Outdoor setting range, all of our tables and chairs are made to the highest safety standards offering up to 20% more aluminium.

  • Aluminium Bench Seating

Across our Aluminium Bench seating range, we provide quality, robust outdoor bench seats for parks, sports clubs, schools and outdoor organisations. Our Outdoor Aluminium Furniture is made from 20% more aluminium providing durability and safety within our bench seating range. We provide aluminium in 2, 3, 4m standard lengths, with the ability to customise our bench seating range to customised height and length requirements.

Why Choose Felton for your Aluminium Outdoor Furniture Needs

Here at Felton Industries, we partner with Capral to provide quality and sustainable aluminium for our outdoor furniture.  Manufactured locally within Australia all of our aluminium meets sustainability guidelines, helping to introduce an environmental benefit to outdoor furniture. Our Aluminium Outdoor Furniture extrusions can be recycled into either a post-consumer or post-production recycling stream.

Quality management and control is important, that is why we are ISO 9001 certified across all of our manufacturing, design and operational features. This means we follow a quality management system, to better streamline our business processes and systems. Through this we are able to provide quality assurance across our production process and end products. Across our outdoor furniture we utilise quality structural and design features, to ensure the longevity of our products in your outdoor spaces.

Our expert team’s knowledge of our outdoor furniture range means we are able to provide quality, tailored recommendations on the most suited outdoor furniture products for your space. We factor in purpose, capacity requirements, space constraints, weather and UV protection, DDA compliance and material preference as just some of the determining factors when choosing the right products for your outdoor space.

Benefits of Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Aluminium Furniture has a range of beneficial features which make it a versatile choice across different outdoor public spaces. It can be utilised across parks, public spaces, schools, sports clubs, accommodation and resort facilities, recreational facilities and more. There is a range of key benefits to consider when purchasing aluminium outdoor furniture for your outdoor spaces.

Versatility in Design

Aluminium is a versatile outdoor furniture material choice, providing a modern and minimal style. With simplistic and minimal design our aluminium range provides a classic and timeless feel across outdoor spaces. Its neutral colour palette allows it to seamlessly blend into a range of different environments. Featuring sleek lines and clean shapes, aluminium provides a modern and contemporary feel. Being a lightweight and portable material, aluminium allows for intricate and streamlined design, whilst providing sturdy and functional outdoor furniture.

Low Maintenance Requirements

For outdoor spaces requiring lower levels of maintenance, aluminium outdoor furniture is a suitable outdoor furniture choice. Its smooth and non-porous surface simplifies the cleaning process, with the material able to be wiped down with mild soap and water. Its material properties also make it less prone to staining, with most food and material stains able to be removed with water and mild soap. To best clean and maintain aesthetic appeal we recommend outdoor furniture cleaning when dirt and or debris is present.

For outdoor spaces that experience frequent rainfall or are located within wet or humid climates, aluminium furniture is also rust resistant. Aluminium has an oxide layer that acts as a protective barrier to rust causing factors like moisture and oxygen.

Weather Resistance

Our Outdoor Aluminium Furniture is anodised with a clear coating, adding an additional protective layer to help provide UV protection and anti-fading properties. The percentage of alloy per aluminium extrusion can additionally contribute to better UV protection. With our aluminium extrusions using more than 20% aluminium in each of our outdoor furniture pieces this helps contribute to our UV protection. For outdoor spaces located under the harsh Australian sun outdoor furniture with UV resistant properties is important to extend outdoor furniture’s longevity.

Since aluminium alloys contain almost no iron this makes the metal resistant to rust. After being exposed to water the aluminium oxide film will quickly form on the surface making it resistant to corrosion whilst simultaneously protecting the underlying metal. This makes aluminium an ideal outdoor furniture material for areas exposed to water, high humidity levels and excess moisture. This makes it perfect for damp outdoor spaces, gyms and changerooms, indoor swimming pools, and near large bodies of water.

Contact and Support Information

For any additional information about our outdoor furniture range, our friendly team are happy to assist with your enquiries. Located on our website our get a quote form allows you the opportunity to specify quantities, project details, colour options, customisation requests and DDA compliance requests. Our team are also able to assist with any enquiries over the phone, simply call our friendly team on 1800 834 016 and your territory manager will be able to assist with your enquiry.



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