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Benefits of Bus Shelters Felton Industries

Benefits of Bus Shelters

Whether travelling to school, the office, a hospital, railway station, the town centre, sportsground or shopping mall, adding a bus shelter to provide protection and a place to wait offers many benefits. What are some important fundamentals to consider to maximise the benefits of adding a bus shelter?

When should you add a bus shelter?

Bus shelters can be added to any waiting area but are most needed and useful where there is a high volume of people making use of the shelter such as outside a railway station or shopping centre. They are also required in areas that have have infrequent bus service so passengers who are potentially waiting a long time for the bus to arrive, have somewhere to comfortably wait that is well-protected. Where there are large numbers of elderly passengers, bench seating under shelter are key to providing accessibility and in areas that experience frequent rainfall or very hot sunny days, a bus shelter becomes an essential haven for any waiting traveller.

What makes a great bus shelter?

Once a location for bus shelters has been decided, the parameters of the bus shelter are next for consideration. First up a shelter should offer protection from the weather, sun, rain, wind, hail or snow. This can be accomplished by having a suitably extensive roof and where required side panels to protect from the wind. It should feel a secure and safe place for waiting for transport and should offer the potential passenger excellent visibility both of the approaching transport and the area around them. Bus shelters should also offer information regarding which buses stop there and provide an up to date timetable. Some high frequency bus shelters may also offer live information on when buses are expected to next arrive and depart.

With respect to design, a bus shelter should be made from highly durable materials such as aluminium which is inert to the elements so won’t rust or warp or degrade with continual exposure to all types of weather conditions. They should be low maintenance, vandal resistant and offer comfortable, practical seating for passengers who require assistance while they wait.

Bus Shelters can add interest to the area by adding information about local events, or showcasing local arts or successes. Bus shelters can be an excellent source of revenue with their advertising potential. They offer a non-stop 24 hours a day advertising opportunity and if located in high traffic areas, are very effective in promoting events, services, new products or brands to name a few. Whilst passengers await their transport, they read in-depth advertising and experience repeated exposure and awareness to adverts particularly on regular and repetitive journeys.

Felton Industries offer a wide range of outdoor shelters suitable for waiting or assembly areas and bus zones. If you are interested in finding out more about our range of shelters and bus shelters, contact the team at Felton today on 1 800 834 016 for advice or a quote.

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