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Importance of Crowd Support at Sports Events

From amateur to professional levels, having spectator support at sports games and events impacts both performance and enjoyment. With crowds returning back to venues and matches, it’s pertinent to look at the effect that ongoing support can have on players. From helping to score the penalty shot, make the free throw, to providing encouragement for the last 100m, cheering provides a boost of energy to hit that final push. Creating an atmosphere where the players feel supported enhances both physical and mental performance.


Whether local or professional athletes, young or more experienced players, crowd support provides a boost of confidence. This increased confidence can help players to make better decisions and motivate players to play their best game. Since the 1960s there have been studies into the impact of crowd noise specifically cheering and jeering’s impact on sport games. It helps build momentum for athletes and increase intensity for cliffhanger moments during the game. The crowd support occurs often at crucial moments such as taking a free kick and encouragement from teammates and crowds builds greater team cohesion and positive attitudes. This leads to better decision making, faith in own abilities and feelings of success and invincibility.  Hearing support can also boost player’s strength, skill, speed, with crowd support showing the most impact on strength and endurance.

Return of spectators

During COVID spectators were no longer allowed to attend many sports games which had a definite impact on the nature of matches. The atmosphere and the success of key moments during games appeared diminished and seemingly less appreciated, giving matches an underwhelming feel due to the lack of positive support and participation from spectators. TV quickly adapted by adding artificial cheering and clapping to bring some sense of event back to games being watched from afar.

Positive impact

Having support at a game is a principal source of support and confidence, with a mutual sense of pride being felt by both players and supporters. Performing with a sense of support is the easiest way to raise morale within a team, bolstering encouragement within the team and providing a push for renewed enthusiasm. For both personal and professional success, emotional and tangible support is needed to reach success within a team. Seeing enthusiastic supporters allows for a reinspired passion within the players, and an encouragement in team participation especially important in younger children. Parental support in fact helps inspire crucial skills including concentration and control. For kids of all ages having parental support enables encouragement of controlling pressure and anxiety, within high pressure situations. Support and cheering also enables better frustration and tolerance within kids with key focus surrounding ability to accept defeat and victory and tolerating healthy levels of competition. Having crowd support means that athletes don’t have additional pressure or the need to compare themselves.

Parental support

For children there is a clear relationship between parental support and child’s enjoyment and level of participation within the sport. Positive affirmations and cheers motivates continuation of the sport, with boosted self esteem and social skills being the results of positive crowd experiences. There is a clear suggestion from coaches that the moral support from family particularly parents, allows progression to higher levels within the sport.

Here are a couple of tips to be a better spectator: encouragement of the athlete within both the actual match and preparation, an emphasis on participation and effort level rather than winning, for younger kids placing an importance on skills such as: confidence, working within a team, ability to handle diversity and a demonstration of responsibility and remember the value of praise. Leave any criticism and coaching for mentors and coaches, this leaves more room for your space as a spectator.

How Felton can help?

At Felton we recognise the importance of spectator support. We offer a range of shade and seating needs from grandstands to areas for team benches and tiered seating to assist with infrastructure for your players and spectators. To find out more about how we can assist your organisation, get in touch today on 1800 834 016.

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