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Felton Encourage the Community to Utilise Parks

Encouraging the community to go to parks in winter If the combination of shorter days and chilly weather make it hard to get out of bed, never mind outdoors, you’re not alone. Many parks in Australia are geared towards keeping people cool in the scorching summer months. But what about the winter? With temperatures plunging…

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Felton Create Active Sports Hub

How to create an active sports hub for the entire community Whether it’s on the field or on the track, for competition or for a bit of fun, sport is an essential part of Australian culture and identity. Sport brings communities together, unites people of different backgrounds and teaches children valuable lessons about teamwork and…

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Felton Ways to Reduce Litter in the Schoolyard

Three ways you can reduce litter in the schoolyard Schools need to be litter-free environments for students to learn and grow. Cleaner playgrounds create clearer minds, enhancing children’s happiness and connection with nature. Even more importantly, when children are taught from an early age not to litter, they become more respectful of the environment and…

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Felton Outdoor Spaces for Australian Universities

Outdoor spaces – an untapped resource for Australian universities Australian campuses are expanding, with more students at our universities in 2018 than ever before. This growth poses a challenge for many institutions, with current infrastructure being pushed to accommodate more students. While this growth is likely to involve further planning and development in the future,…

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