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Felton Memorable School Photo Day

How to make your School Photo day memorable

School photo days are a vital way for parents and the school to record class memories over the years. That end of year yearbook becomes tangible proof of the good that the school is doing in the community and parents love the photos as a way of tracking their child’s growth.

Getting the most out of a school photo day just requires a little bit of preparation and planning.

  • Make sure everyone knows that photo day is coming

Provide an announcement that school photo day has been booked around a month ahead of the day (giving parents the chance to organise haircuts and so on), and then, the day before the shoot, remind everyone that it’s on. Share some reminders with students and parents on how to best present themselves for the photo, such as how to wear their hair and what clothing would work best (if there isn’t a school uniform).

  • Give students the chance to tidy themselves before leaving the classroom

That 10-15 minutes before the photo is taken gives the students a chance to brush their hair, check over their clothing to ensure it’s neat and dirt-free, and wash their faces if need be. Use that time to also quickly remind students to be respectful of the photographer and their time; sometimes kids can get a bit silly on photo day, which leads to wasted time and poor results. Make sure the teacher is always hovering around as a subtle reminder to the student to remain disciplined.

  • Give the photographer the room they need to work

As teachers, don’t try and be a part of the photo session. Don’t try to get the child to smile, sit at a particular angle, or stop slouching. Allow the photographer to do their job; they know how to get the best out of the child, after all, and having directions coming from too many sources can confuse the child.

  • Make sure you organise appropriate props and seating well ahead of time

Having a Felton Industries grandstand set up in the school yard is the ideal way to get the perfect class photograph. The tiers ensure that each student can be seen and the accessible, sturdy and safe construction of the grandstand will ensure that no one is at risk.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure everyone’s having a good time! The photos created will be shared as gifts and kept forever. The more fun that everyone is having, the better the results will be.

For more information on Felton Industries grandstands and ensuring the smooth running of your school’s photo day, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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