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Australian Institute of Sport Aquatic and Fitness Centre

If there’s an Australian institution famous for its commitment to achieving outstanding results, at the highest level, it’s the Australian Institute of Sport. In setting the standard for athletic achievement, they are recognised in Australia, and internationally, for producing world class performers. Already familiar with Felton Industries range of aluminium outdoor furniture, they contacted us when additional grandstand seating was required for the AIS Aquatic and Fitness Centre in Canberra.

In keeping with the flexibility required to vary training techniques for optimum outcomes, the AIS required additional grandstand seating that could accommodate up to 18 people while being compact, portable and sturdy enough to withstand constant use in the humid,  poolside environment. Constructed from premium, Australian aluminium and finished with marine-grade anodising, the two Felton 4 metre, 3-Tier Double Plank Backrest Spectator Seats they selected ensured that neither the damp environment, or the heavy traffic associated with daily training sessions, would present any problems. Double plank construction, which provides easy access to the grandstands’ 3 tiers, also ensures a roomy, and comfortable, sitting area for spectators. Engineered to class leading standards, and made with 20% more aluminium than other grandstands, the Felton 3-Tier Double Plank Backrest Spectator Seats are as portable as they are strong, making easy work of changing viewing requirements.

The Australian Institute of Sport was extremely pleased with their new grandstands which looked right at home alongside the many, long serving grandstands already supplied. Together with the selection of Felton pedestal tables and grandstands to be found throughout the complex, the 3-Tier Double Plank Backrest Spectator Seats will provide many years of quality service. Of course, we’re proud to know that the high standards of the Australian Institute of Sport have been met by our premium, aluminium outdoor furniture range.

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Felton Select Grandstand at Aquatic Fitness Centre
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