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Granville East Public School

Granville East Public School prides itself on being a friendly and welcoming place where students, staff and community members can work and learn together in harmony. The school’s vision is to create a safe environment where every child learns successfully in an atmosphere that fosters a real sense of belonging through respect, care and kindness. In keeping with those worthy goals, the school contacted Felton Industries about installing a Buddy Bench in the playground.

In a testament to the effectiveness of the school’s vision, two of the key drivers of this project were the elder two of the students featured in our pictures. As enthusiastic supporters of the project, these two students showed leadership and helped to represent the student body in the discussions about the Buddy Bench including how and where it should be positioned. Renowned for its effectiveness in creating a safe and friendly environment, the Buddy Bench is proven to reduce incidents of playground bullying and isolation.

With a funky, playful design and finished in a brilliant shade of powder coated yellow, the Buddy Bench was positioned in a central location and quickly became a focal point for friendly interactions among students of all ages. Thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the two students involved in its selection, the Buddy Bench has become a shining yellow example of the school’s vision at work. Being crafted from premium Australian aluminium, and built to rigorous standards by Felton Industries manufacturing team, the Buddy Bench is sure to provide a safe-haven for generations of students to come.

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Felton Buddy Bench at Granville East
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