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Accessible Seating for Rockhampton Horse Riding for the Disabled

Rockhampton Horse Riding for the Disabled (RDA) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Queensland that assists disabled individuals through therapy assistance. The riding services provided by RDA offer an opportunity to develop hand/eye coordination and help to develop the rider’s independence. With their riding school growing at a rapid pace, RDA quickly realized they required additional seating for both members and crowd support. In February of 2023, Rockhampton Horse Riding for the Disabled contacted Felton regarding their application for a local council grant. Within their grant application, RDA applied for funding for this additional seating on their riding grounds.

Project Requirements:
To best accommodate their seating requirements, the club expressed interest in our grandstand seating range. When they were awarded funding for their grant round, the club began conversations with Felton regarding the best grandstand seating option. The seating needed to be functional, accommodate their club members and families and provide suitable accessibility to accommodate wheelchair users. To encourage a fun and social environment, the Riding Club also wanted to add a splash of colour to their outdoor spectator seating.

Project Solution:
After consultation with our expert team, the club decided the most suitable option for them was to customise a 6 x 3-metre Deluxe Grandstand. With three tiers of spectator seating available, this grandstand easily meets Rockhampton’s requirements for both player and crowd support, easily fitting into the club’s outdoor space.

To ensure accessibility was prioritised we removed the bottom tier of the grandstand to ensure inclusive seating was available to wheelchair users. Further customisation of the grandstand included matching the grandstand to the club’s existing colours to boost morale. We chose to do this through our red and purple safety end caps for a pop of colour. Through implementing our safety end caps we also better helped meet safety requirements by reducing sharp edges and corners within the grandstand.

How We Can Help
Here at Felton Industries, we have a wide range of experience providing premium aluminium outdoor furniture across different industries. Our aluminium is sourced from local supply chains to provide 100% Australian Made outdoor furniture. The outdoor furniture we manufacture includes bench seating, grandstand seating, outdoor shelters, wheelchair settings, tables and chairs, gym and change room furniture and more.

We are also able to customise our outdoor furniture to best suit your unique outdoor space requirements. Whether it’s working within tight spaces, accessibility requirements, or seating capacity needs our expert sales team can assist in selecting the best possible outdoor furniture items for your outdoor spaces. Get in touch today on 1800 834 016.

Felton Deluxe Grandstand Rockhampton Horse Riding for the Disabled

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