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Deluxe Sheltered Park Settings for Pearsall Primary School

Pearsall Primary School is a small but fast-growing primary school located on the outskirts of Perth, WA. With numbers rapidly expanding, the school was aware that its outdoor seating area was becoming too small for their growing student body. In particular, they were in need of more seating for their outside eating and learning spaces. In addition to increasing the volume of seating, the school was interested in acquiring outdoor furniture that could protect their students from the sun and harsh UV, with sun safety a top priority for the primary school.

Having worked with Pearsall Primary previously, the Felton team had a good idea of their school environment and layout. Using this information the team recommended bench seating and two Deluxe Sheltered Park Settings to meet the school’s specified seating requirements. This would provide safe and reliable shaded seating solutions able to transform play areas and seat over 20 primary-aged children during lunch and recess times. The Deluxe Sheltered Park Setting’s sturdy Colorbond Roof would help offer outdoor seating that would protect from wind, rain and the harsh Australian sun.

Placing safety at the forefront of the design, the Deluxe Sheltered Park Setting is an ideal choice for outdoor environments. The all-in-one unit features a strong durable table, bench seat and shelter and comfortably seats up to 8. Injury risk is minimised with Patented Safety Endcaps reducing sharp edge exposure and making Settings an ideal choice for playgrounds.

For Pearsall Primary the Deluxe Sheltered Park Setting had an additional aesthetic appeal. They wanted the new outdoor furniture to match with existing outdoor furniture and seamlessly blend into their school outdoor spaces. Pearsall chose to maintain the shelter’s original colour combination with an Ocean Blue Colorbond Roof, paired with our premium silver aluminum frames, and matching silver Safety Endcaps.

Pearsall were thrilled with the latest outdoor furniture additions to their school playground which will offer timeless seating for many more generations of students.

How Felton Can Help
Here at Felton Industries, we’re proud supporters of education providing safe, quality. outdoor furniture for your school outdoor spaces. Being a department-approved supplier across numerous states, we understand the importance of safety and quality standards that school outdoor furniture must meet. Whether its matching school outdoor furniture to school colours, providing portable outdoor furniture that can be moved around your school spaces, or working within budgetary constraints, our expert sales team are happy to help. Get in touch today on 1800 834 016.

Deluxe Sheltered Park Setting by Felton at Pearsall Primary

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