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Seating Staff in Tighter Spaces at Merlin Video Production

Merlin are a video production company based in Norwood, South Australia, producing video content for advertising agencies, government departments, and domestic and overseas companies. With limited outdoor seating options for their staff, Merlin wanted to increase outdoor lunch seating in their facilities. The business was also looking to customise seating with a secure fixture for additional safety whilst not increasing space taken.

Project Requirements:

This project posed challenges working within a space where seating access was limited. The company’s preference was a secure fixture so the outdoor furniture could remain in a fixed location. Our expert team had to brainstorm implementing a secure fixture without increasing space taken up by the outdoor furniture. It was also important to Merlin that their outdoor furniture reflected their company’s branding and corporate colours. To best reflect this, the client mirrored their company colours in their outdoor furniture to inspire staff.

Project Solution:

To best accommodate Merlin’s tight seating space requirements, we recommended customising our compact park setting with a wall mounted fixture to take advantage of a tighter space. This resulted in three available seating sides, with the fourth side used as a wall-mounted fixing. To match the outdoor furniture with the existing company colours our blue safety end cap variation was chosen. Our safety end caps help to reduce sharp edges and the risk of staff injury from bumping into sharp edges.

Here’s what the client had to say.

“The customised compact park setting is out the front of the entrance to our TV & video production facility in Norwood, South Australia. The space was very restricted for size and this one now fits perfectly. The colour ends we chose for the table and seats match in perfectly with our corporate colours as well, which is great.”

Our compact park setting is a space saving solution for smaller spaces. Utilising a marine-grade anodised aluminium, we prevent tarnishing from the harsh Australian climate. This table setting comes in a standard plain silver aluminium finish; however, we can customise it in a range of colours through our powder coating and safety end-cap options.

How We Can Help:

Here at Felton Industries, we have a range of outdoor furniture solutions for businesses and corporations, not-for-profits and more. Our outdoor furniture range spans across bench seating, tables and chairs, grandstands, shelters, wheelchair settings and bin enclosures. Whether your outdoor space requirements are increasing shade, working within tight spaces, or customising colour requirements, our expert team have experience in recommending and tailoring our outdoor furniture for your spaces. Get in touch with our friendly sales team on 1800 834 016 to find out more.


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