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Sunsafe Select Grandstands for Community Seating at Djarandijin

Djarandijin is a remote Aboriginal community in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is home to the Bardi and Jawi Indigenous Communities who are saltwater people that enjoy a traditional way of living. As part of life within the community, the Djarandijin offers youth support through their sports and recreation program, which offers Indigenous youth participation in multiple community activities that range across arts and crafts, basketball, disco and cultural activities such as hunting and fishing.

Project Requirements:

Djarandijin contacted Felton Industries regarding spectator seating for their youth program, which contributed to their eligibility for grant tournament funding. A key component of this funding was the provision of seating for crowd support during the tournament. The client also required project delivery before the end of October to qualify for the tournament period. The client required delivery to a remote location, posing freight challenges, especially when working within an outlined budget and deadline.

Project Solution:

Before beginning this project, we consulted with our warehouse team about project deadlines to see if we could manufacture and deliver within the specified timeframe. We also had to confirm the logistics of freighting to a rural location with moving multiple parts.

To best meet the community’s requirements for spectator seating, our expert sales team looked at providing a long-lasting seating option that required minimal maintenance. We chose a premium aluminium grandstand that offered spectators protection from the harsh Australian sun. To best meet the community’s seating requirements, we recommended four of our Sunsafe Select Grandstands so viewers could sit comfortably while watching the games.

The direct area surrounding and adjacent to the basketball court offered minimal shading opportunities and tree cover. So, a key consideration also became shading opportunities to ensure better sun safety. Further sun safety support is provided through our marine grade anodised finish which refracts light from the seat plank for a cooler seat temperature.

The client indicated they were pleased with the result with our expert team working within the outlined budget, and timeframe and providing detailed communication every step of the way.  We were able to deliver the project despite logistical challenges effectively.  With end-to-end customer service communications, the client was provided with detailed information and updates throughout their order journey.

How We Can Help

Here at Felton Industries, we have extensive experience in servicing different client requirements for outdoor seating solutions. Whether it is working with grant funding, limited space requirements or configuring seating solutions to best work with your outdoor spaces, our expert sales team can assist you. Get in touch with us today on 1800 834 016 to begin your outdoor furniture project enquiry.

Felton Sunsafe Select Grandstand Djarandijin

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