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Enhanced Outdoor Seating Conditions at James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) boasts close to 3,000 students who study at the Cairns campus, including 335 international students. The campus possesses a range of innovative, flexible study, learning and teaching, meeting and informal gathering spaces for students and staff. Students are continuously immersed in a dynamic learning environment with opportunities available for study, work, and play.

Project Requirements

James Cook University contacted Felton Industries to address a pressing concern. Their current outdoor timber seats were rapidly deteriorating, unable to hold up against the unforgiving weather conditions of recurring heat and rain. This was detracting from the appeal of their outdoor tree areas, places that students and staff often sought for breaks and study periods. They were in desperate need of a durable yet visually appealing solution.

The deterioration of the outdoor seating was not just a practical issue. Students and staff were longing for comfortable and appealing spaces to retreat to during their much-needed breaks. This was critical to their overall satisfaction and productivity. However, the existing infrastructure of concrete slabs posed an additional challenge, requiring a solution that could seamlessly integrate.

Project Solution

Felton Industries delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded expectations. Our solution – the Felton Eco-Trend Sheltered Park Setting – was perfectly in line with the university’s aesthetic. Felton enhanced durability by incorporating a Colourbond Roof that offered comprehensive weather protection.

The results were immediately visible. The new shelters were not only robust but also visually appealing, requiring minimal maintenance and occupying a commendably small footprint. The shelters offered effective sun and rain protection, contributing to a comfortable and functional environment. Within a day of installation, the university was thrilled to see students and staff utilising and enjoying the new spaces.

For James Cook University, the Eco-Trend Sheltered Park Setting is a cost-effective outdoor shelter solution ideally suited for their educational environment. It flawlessly combines aesthetics with functionality and features bolt-down lugs for maximum stability and safety.

How We Can Help

At Felton Industries, we specialise in crafting outdoor seating solutions tailored to diverse client needs. Whether you are dealing with grant funding, limited space, or the challenge of configuring seating to best work with your outdoor spaces, our expert sales team is here to help. Contact us today at 1800 834 016 to start your outdoor furniture project enquiry.

James Cook University Eco-Trend Sheltered Park Setting

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