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Middle Ridge State School

Middle Ridge State School is located in the beautiful town of Toowoomba in regional Queensland and caters for over 800 young students from prep school through to Year 7. Until recently, the students of Middle Ridge had no formal seating that they could use to eat lunch or relax and socialise when not in class. While grassed areas around the school provided a pleasant environment during fine weather, it was completely unusable during or after rain. The covered outdoor learning area offered an alternative in these conditions however, with no seating and a hard-concrete surface, it was uncomfortable to sit on always and too cold to be serviceable during the winter months.

Needing to provide a better environment for their students, Middle Ridge contacted Felton Industries for advice. After conducting a detailed survey of the site and developing a deep understanding of the school’s requirements through a comprehensive briefing from staff, Felton Industries recommended the installation of our 2-Sided Park Settings and Above Ground Bench Seating. Made from premium Australian aluminium, and designed for comfort, safety, versatility and durability, the combination of the 2-Sided Park Settings and Above Ground Bench Seats provided ample seating and proved to be an attractive, modern, easy-to-clean addition to the school’s amenities.

Julie Collingwood, the Business Manager of Middle Ridge State School told us that, “Our Principal is so excited that we finally have somewhere the children can sit and eat their lunch without having to sit on the ground. I must thank you for the wonderful service, advice, and delivery when requested. I am afraid to say we don’t experience that everywhere, so thank you again.”

She went on to say that she was sure the furniture would get a lot of use over the coming years. And we’re very sure that it’s absolutely up to the task.

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Felton Ezyseat Lunch Setting at Middle Ridge State School

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