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Blue Dolphin Resort

The Blue Dolphin Resort is located in Yamba, on the beautiful northern coast of New South Wales, where the Clarence River empties into the Pacific Ocean. Situated right on the river front and just minutes from Yamba’s golden beaches, the Blue Dolphin Resort is a popular holiday destination for families from all over Australia. Of course, while a seaside location is the ideal place for holidaymakers, it can be an unforgiving environment for outdoor furniture. So, when the resort managers wanted to upgrade their seating arrangements, they contacted the team at Felton Industries for advice.

Constructed from premium, Australian made aluminium and finished with a marine grade anodised coating, Felton’s outdoor furniture range is ideally suited to a seaside environment. Highly resistant to rust and corrosion, Felton Industries’ stylish settings, combine elegant design with long term durability, comfort and ease of cleaning. Ten of our Park Settings were installed at key points throughout the Blue Dolphin Resort. Spacious tabletops offer ample room for even the most generous picnic spread and with each unit capable of seating eight people, many groups are able to enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. Of course, quiet time to rest and recharge is an important part of any holiday, so the resort made the most of their spectacular riverside location by installing our Bench Seats with Backrests. Firmly anchored with an inground installation, each bench is a comfortable three metres long, ensuring there’s plenty of room for anyone who wants to take in the view.

Our stylish, outdoor furniture looks right at home on the manicured, green grass overlooking the shimmering blue river. As holidaymakers come and go, our long lasting, maintenance free furniture will continue to ensure a great experience for all who visit the lovely Blue Dolphin Resort.

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Blue Dolphin Park Settings
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