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Spectator Seating for Teviot Downs Soccer Club

For any team, sport or player, crowd support is a crucial motivating factor that can impact performance. Additional support can help teams achieve goals, individuals reach new heights and push through performance barriers. And home support can be the ‘12th Man’ or make venues a formidable prospect to away teams attending the venue. For sports clubs spectator seating is a vital component of encouraging spectator attendance but with sports clubs often dependent on player/sports association funding, facility provision and upgrades are few and far between. This is where grant applications become very useful providing financial assistance and allowing sports clubs the opportunity to either replace or upgrade existing facilities.

Teviot Downs Soccer Club is a football organisation located in Greenbank Queensland, with a family-oriented focus on soccer. It provides opportunities for a diverse range of individuals to engage in social, competitive and fitness related soccer games. To cater for its many participants Teviot Downs decided an upgrade of current spectator seating and player facilities was needed. Like many sports clubs, Teviot Downs was able to achieve this with the assistance of grant funding. Their application covered a proportion of the required upgrade funding. Being a member of Football Queensland, Teviot Downs initially became aware of Felton Industries through their partnership with Football Queensland (FQ). As Football Queensland’s Official Partner of Shelter, Seating and Grandstands, Felton could offer an array of options to suit the needs of Teviot Downs.

Our Solution
The club required flexible seating requirements, moveable throughout the sport seasons leading to a recommendation for the free-standing stackable bench seat. This is a mobile seating option, manufactured from premium aluminium that is lightweight, stackable for succinct storage and easy to manoeuvre around sports facilities. To further aid seating requirements, a grandstand was needed to accommodate and seat additional patrons. Felton suggested their most popular Select Grandstand as an effective solution. The Select Grandstand can seat up to 40 people comfortably. To further increase morale our blue powder-coated option was offered in both our bench seating and grandstand options to match team colours.

To further support players customised Team Shelters were also ordered. These shelters are an excellent addition to any club, providing teams with both a comfortable and stylish place for players to rest during the match. Player shelters provide much needed reprieve from the sun offering players additional shading and sun protection. In order to incorporate all player’s needs, these shelters were customised with an extra 500mm overhang on the roofing for the provision of additional shelter. Felton was able to deliver outdoor furniture to Teviot Downs in accordance with budget and deadline requirements. Both the players and spectators were delighted with their new furniture.

How we can help
Felton Industries is an experienced and trusted outdoor furniture provider for sports clubs. As Australia’s leading designer of sheltered seating and grandstands, we can assist your sports club with its shade and seating needs. Manufactured from premium quality aluminium, our outdoor furniture is built for Australian conditions ensuring it will not rust or fade. Get in touch with our friendly sales team on 1800 834 016, to order your spectator seating today.

Felton Soccer Team Shelters for Teviot Downs

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