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Franklin Public School

When Franklin Public School wanted to add sheltered seating to their recreation and playground area they contacted the team at Felton Industries for advice. Located in Tumut, in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, the school wanted to provide seating that offers shelter from both sun and rain. Originally, the school was interested in our Eco-Trend Sheltered Park Settings but after consideration of other options in our range, they decided on two Sunsafe Select Grandstands.

Each Sunsafe Select Grandstand provides seating for up to 40 people. Manufactured from premium, Australian aluminium finished with a marine-grade anodised coating and with an integrated Colorbond steel roof, the grandstands are engineered to benchmark-setting standards. In fact, the Sunsafe Select Grandstand is so structurally sound that is rated to withstand Category C cyclonic conditions. And while the management of Franklin Public School aren’t expecting a cyclone at any time, they are all too aware of the challenges posed by enthusiastic whirlwinds that are primary school students. Of course, with student safety always the number one priority, the structural strength of the Sunsafe Select Grandstands is complemented by Felton’s patented Safety Ends Caps. Only available on Felton aluminium outdoor, furniture, our Safety End Caps are fitted as standard and are available in a range of six exciting colours, including a shade of green that closely matches the school’s colours.

Whether it’s a comfortable, sheltered spot for some lunch and a chat or space for a hoard of excited spectators that’s required, Franklin Public School has got it covered. The grandstands are a big hit with the kids and tough enough to withstand the biggest hits they might dish out. They’re sure to be a playground favourite for many generations to come.

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Felton Sunsafe Select Grandstand at Franklin Public School
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