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Peak A Frame Picnic Tables in Valhalla Perisher Resort

With tourism coming back into bloom, many businesses are looking for ways that they can renew and refresh their facilities to attract new customers. It isn’t just businesses; the state government also has a focus on bolstering tourism and showing the spectacular landscapes within NSW. Being a part of major events agency Destination NSW, the management team at Valhalla required seating solutions that suited the rugged mountain landscape setting of Perisher. Through the 2020-21 Refresh and Renew Fund, Felton were able to work in collaboration with Valhalla Lodge to find outdoor furniture to fit the spectacular landscape backdrop whilst withstanding the extreme temperatures.

Located in Kosciuszko Perisher amongst the snow-capped mountains, Valhalla accommodation offers a timber retreat set against the spectacular skiing landscape. Wanting a refreshed look for 2021-22 summer and skiing season, the team were interested in timeless and durable furniture able to handle the harsh weather conditions. The requirements included versatile furniture that were aesthetically suited and durable across all seasons. Valhalla required seating for skiers, snowboarders, families, and excited onlookers. Valhalla decided upon 2 of Felton’s Peak A Frame Picnic Tables. The tables are UV stabilized to handle the harsh sun rays received upon the peak and is manufactured to last the long haul. The recycled plastic whilst having the look and feel of Australian timber, is designed to maintain a moderate temperature ensuring it does not get too hot or cold.

A perfect addition to the lodge, each Peak A Frame Picnic Table seats up to eight people, and the Earth Brown finish was chosen to complement the warm wood of the lodge. The finish seamlessly fits into the existing wooden balcony and adds to the scenic views of scattered gum trees amongst the mountains visible from the lodge. Providing the perfect backdrop for rest, relaxation and enthusiastic onlooking, the Peak A Frame Picnic Tables are the ideal outdoor seating solution for every season.

Felton Peak A Frame Picnic Tables at Valhalla Perisher Resort
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