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A Residential Garden with a Park Shelter

Shaded by the towering presence of an iconic gum tree, the Australian back yard can be an idyllic place. Yet, for all the romance this classic image conjures, reality can be much harsher. Falling limbs can be extremely hazardous and sticky, red sap, can ruin the typical backyard setting. In just such a scenario, a resident living in a strata complex in the suburb of Kariong, near Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast, decided he needed something much more hardy than traditional, timber furniture.

After investigating all options, Leigh Higgins decided that Felton’s Deluxe Broad Roof Sheltered Park Setting would be ideal for his residential garden. Leigh ordered the setting immediately but asked us to store it while he constructed a concrete slab. Once the slab was ready, the Deluxe Broad Roof Sheltered Park Setting was quickly and easily installed. Fully engineered to Australian standards, the aluminium outdoor settings’ Colorbond roof offers more than two square metres of shelter over a large table and generous, comfortable benches that accommodate up to eight people.

Stylish, durable and able to withstand just about anything that the weather or the magnificent gum tree might throw at it, the Deluxe Broad Roof Sheltered Park Setting is perfectly suited to Leigh’s requirements. And, as the centrepiece of any backyard entertaining, the Felton Industries’ park shelter has quickly become “the garden setting that everybody loves”.

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Felton Sheltered Seating Residential Garden

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