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Skillion Shelters for BBQ Areas at Creswick North Primary

Across 2020-2021 additional budgets and grants have facilitated primary and high schools across Australia to renovate and refurbish school grounds. From new outdoor tables and chairs to grandstands and shelters, schools have been upgrading to ensure kids have the appropriate outdoor space to work and play. Creswick North is a primary school based in the Central Highlands-Wimmera region of Victoria. The primary school had recently undergone renovations, and were interested in adding Skillion Shelters to offer shade and beautify a new BBQ area in the school grounds.

Working within a confined space Creswick North were looking to implement new shade structures which were high strength and could be bolted down for maximum safety. They also required an angled roof so that rainwater would be directed away from the principal BBQs underneath. They approached Felton about providing shelters that both fitted within the limited space, whilst meeting all the outlined shade and safety features. They also were keen to ensure the shelter matched the surrounding environment.

After understanding the project requirements Felton suggested their stylish 3×3 Skillion Shelters which are built to Australian Safety Standards and engineered to Region C Terrain Category 2.5 design so able to cope with extreme conditions. The dimensions fitted within the existing space exactly, so no adjustments were needed to either the furniture or space design. As the school was looking to purchase multiple shelters, Felton were able to offer a substantial discount.

Felton’s Skillion shelters are made from premium quality aluminium and combined with a Colourbond iron roof and finished with Dulux powder coating. The shelters provide outstanding protection from wind, rain and the sun. The sleek design, with complimentary colours resulted in a seamless transition between the shelter, surrounding sheds and the school area.

The project was delivered on time and within budget and Creswick North Primary were very happy with the results and their sensational new outdoor space.

Felton Skillion Shelters for BBQ areas at Creswick North
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