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Werris Creek Public School

Providing comfortable seating for student spectators at school sporting events encourages attendance and boosts team support. So, when Werris Creek Public School needed to provide grandstand seating for students, they contacted the team at Felton Industries for some advice regarding the most suitable option.

As Felton Industries are an approved supplier to the NSW Department of Education, the process of choosing a supplier who could meet the department’s quality, safety and budget requirements was an easy one. The Sunsafe Select Grandstand has proven popular with many schools across Australia. With each grandstand able to seat up to 40 people, the modular design allows them to choose the right number of units to match their particular requirements.

Student safety is always a top priority and the Sunsafe Select Grandstand is engineered to the highest standards. Rated to withstand the destructive force of a category 3 cyclone, or a large group of enthusiastic students, and constructed from premium, Australian-made, marine-grade aluminium, it will never rust, splinter or rot in even the harshest climates. The broad, integrated roof structure offers shelter from sun and rain while support bars, positioned below seat backrests, ensure maximum safety.

Werris Creek Public School was delighted with the outcome. The project was completed on time, and on budget, and combination of two Sunsafe Select Grandstands will provide a comfortable, spectator vantage point for many years to come.

Felton Sunsafe Select Grandstand Werris Creek Public School
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