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Change room seating at Ducon’s Crib Point Project

At Felton Industries, we love a good competition – it keeps us sharp and helps us focus on doing our best. So, when respected builders, Ducon, decided to call for competitive bids to supply aluminium outdoor furniture for their Crib Point amenities project, we were keen to take up the challenge.

A significant amount of seating space was required to accommodate athletes in the large change room at Ducon’s Crib Point project. Importantly being able to deliver to a strict timetable was a key requirement. Having evaluated the dimensions of the change room and its likely future uses, the Felton team put forward two alternative solutions.

The combination of affordability, durability and customised comfort utilising Felton’s Double Plank Bench seat won the day. Able to be bolted down for maximum stability, our Double Plank Bench Seats were manufactured in customised lengths to ensure a perfect fit. The double plank design provides a sizeable seating area that ensures ample comfortable space for even the burliest of athletes. Engineered to the highest standards, and produced entirely in Australia from premium, Australian aluminium, our Double Plank Bench Seats will never rust, rot or warp – an important factor in the frequently steamy and damp environment of a change room.

The Double Plank Bench Seats were delivered on time and on budget and the finished change room looks fantastic. While we were happy to be awarded this project, we like to think that the real winners are the many people who will enjoy the facility for many years to come.

Felton Industries Change Room Seating at Crib Point
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