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Sunsafe Select Grandstands for Ipswich City Council

Ipswich is a small city located on the Bremer river, situated 40km south west of Brisbane. Earlier this year it was part of the region hit by devastating floods. At its peak the city had over 101 roads closed and experienced extensive damage to buildings and facilities. Looking to revamp one of their popular recreation areas, Ipswich City Council approached Felton Industries about the potential of adding grandstand seating. In particular they were interested in purchasing Sunsafe Select Grandstands, alongside partnering with an organisation that could support the project from start to finish.

The Council faced a number of challenges that could impact the success of the project, primarily around installation. With the recent flooding and devastation in and around the surrounding area, installers were booked out for the next 6 months, meaning they could not get anyone to install new grandstands. They contacted Felton to see if they could assist with a holistic solution. Queensland Territory Manager Mitchell Jarrett, took up the task and using his knowledge and contacts was able to secure a certified installer for the job.

Initially the project was advertised as part of a vendor panel submission but with Felton going the extra mile to assist the team, they shortened the process to one day and selected Felton as their chosen supplier. However, having not previously worked with Felton they were required to set up a new account. Often a laborious and painstaking task, the process was made quick and efficient with Felton already approved as a registered supplier in Queensland under the Local Buy program.

With everything signed off, Felton went to work. First stop involved manufacturing the chosen Australian made 4 Tier Sunsafe Select Grandstands in regional NSW and then organising delivery to the site in Ipswich. Upon delivery Felton worked with the installer to ensure they could get the grandstands built and installed in the shortest timeframes. Using their expertise they quickly constructed the new stands ready for action. Sunsafe Select Grandstands are convenient all-in=-one units offering premium quality seating combined with a sheltered roof. Each Sunsafe Select grandstand seats up to 40 people, is cyclone rated category C and popular across ovals, courts and venues across Australia.

From start to finish the whole transaction took less than 3 months and Ipswich City Council were thrilled with the outcome. So pleased with the outstanding service offered by Mitchell, they took the time to give him a personal recommendation.

With superior build and durability, the newly installed grandstands are already being well-utilised can be enjoyed in Ipswich for many years to come.

If you would like to know more how Felton can assist your organisation with premium quality seating and great customer service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today on 1800 834 016.

Felton Sunsafe Select Grandstands for Ipswich City Council Qld
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