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Schoolyard transformation at Corpus Christi Primary School with a Park Bench

Find out how a metal outdoor bench seat transformed the multi-purpose area at Corpus Christi Primary School

Providing creative solutions for our clients’ outdoor furniture needs is a source of great satisfaction for the team at Felton Industries. Many years of experience, and the ability to draw on an extensive inventory of products, gives the team a unique perspective. So, when Corpus Christi Primary School on Sydney’s leafy North Shore needed seating for their multi-purpose outdoor area, the Felton team were able to offer multiple approaches.

The large asphalted area, immediately adjacent to a classroom building, serves as a playground, sports field and assembly area. Space is at a premium in this compact area, so the ability to seat large groups of children safely, while maximising the available space, was a key priority for the school. The Felton team reviewed several alternatives with the school and recommended the installation of a core product from our catalogue, the In-ground Bench Seat. While asphalt provides a hardwearing surface for this multi-purpose area, it’s unsuitable for a bolt-down product as it expands and contracts under varying weather conditions. Given the stability and safety the school required, the In-ground Bench Seat were the clear choice.

Time was tight, with the school holidays fast approaching and installation needed during the holiday period. Fortunately, as part of our core range, the In-ground Bench Seats were in stock at the Felton warehouse and were delivered within a couple of days. Arranged in two neat rows, parallel with the classroom block, the In-ground Bench Seats made full use of the available space. Being manufactured solely from premium, Australian aluminium, they’re extraordinarily tough, able to withstand the rigours of weather and vigorous children for years to come. Requiring a minimum of maintenance, each seat is also fitted with Felton Industries’ patented Safety End Cap to protect delicate skin, and expensive uniforms, from any possibility of scratching or catching on rough edges.

The installation was completed on time and school was thrilled with the result. As were the students when they returned from holidays to find their stylish, new, outdoor furniture waiting for them.

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Felton Inground Bench Seating at Corpus Christi
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