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Inclusive school furniture for Branyan Road State School

Discover how Felton provided the perfect aluminium outdoor setting solution for Branyan Road State School’s growing student body

A shortage of appropriate seating space isn’t an uncommon problem in any school. But, when a growing student body and decaying, outdated furniture are both factors, the problem becomes much more pressing. That was exactly the situation faced by Branyan Road State School.

Having purchased outdoor seating from Felton Industries in the past, the school was well aware that functionality and durability of its anodised, aluminium construction long outlasted that of its fading, wooden counterparts. Importantly, Felton offers the wide selection of seating options that the school needed to cater for differing applications. A combination of Jumbo Park Settings and an Interactive Wheelchair Setting gave an enormous boost to the schools’ seating capacity under large, outdoor shelters. Above Ground Bench Seats lined the perimeter of a large undercover area, providing many extra seating places with a minimal loss of available space. Crafted exclusively from premium, Australian aluminium, and engineered to benchmark standards, Felton’s Australian made outdoor furniture will never suffer from the wear, decay and risk of splinters that befell the wooden furniture it replaced.

In total, 210 stylish, comfortable and durable seats were added to the school grounds, transforming its appearance.

According to Leanne Rogers, Business Manager of Branyan Road State School,

“The seats are very easy to put together and gives the school a “shine” to previously tired looking areas.  The parents of our students were very impressed!”

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Felton Interactive Wheelchair Setting
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