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St Mary of the Angels College has a brand new outdoor classroom

Discover how St Mary of the Angel College created an exciting outdoor space for its students to learn and relax with Felton’s picnic table and chairs

The benefits of outdoor learning have seen a widespread increase in its popularity among many of our educational institutions. Of course, what has always been undeniably popular among students in every educational institution are lunch and recess accompanied by generous servings of food and beverages. St Mary of the Angels Secondary College in Nathalia were blessed with the ideal location to create a facility that catered for both of these essential occupations.

Among the excellent features of the schools’ new Learning Centre was a large, covered outdoor area. Keen to take advantage of this generous area, the management from St Mary of the Angels contacted the team at Felton Industries for advice on the right aluminium outdoor table and chair settings to create magnificent outdoor classroom area. As well as providing a practical environment for outdoor learning, the setting would be in daily use during recreation periods, meaning that they not only needed to be sturdy and hard wearing, but also easy to clean. The Felton Industries’ Park Setting proved to be the best choice. Constructed from premium Australian aluminium and engineered to the highest standards, each aluminium outdoor setting is able to seat up to eight people. Six Park Settings were installed, catering for up to 48 people in comfort. Blending seamlessly with the design of the new Learning Centre, they look right at home.

The Park Settings were soon put to good use. As Julie Moore from St Mary of the Angels told us;

“The tables are used both at recess and lunchtimes by our students and also used for outdoor meetings and outdoor study periods. Maintenance is a breeze due to their sturdy rounded design and overall we are exceptionally happy with the investment.”

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Felton Park Settings at St Mary of the Angels
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