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Proserpine Whitsundays Junior Rugby League Football Club

Being the gateway to the Whitsunday region on Queensland’s northern coast, over 1000 kilometres above Brisbane, the town Proserpine lies in the sub-tropical zone. Characterised by distinct dry and wet seasons, the weather in Proserpine occasionally includes the destructive power of a cyclone. So, when the Proserpine Whitsunday Junior Rugby League Football Club needed to replace their unsuitable seating and add greater capacity, only one product was able to meet their requirements.

With a seating capacity of up to 100 people, Felton Industries’ 9 Metre Deluxe Grandstand was an easy choice for club officials. Unique in the market, the Deluxe Grandstand is the centrepiece of Felton’s outdoor furniture range. Constructed from premium Australian aluminium and with a marine grade anodised finish, the Deluxe Grandstand is designed to provide safe, long lasting comfort to scores of enthusiastic football supporters. Requiring a minimum of maintenance, like all of Felton’s aluminium outdoor furniture, it won’t rust, crack, rot or stain. Engineered to the highest standards, it will easily withstand the structural tests inflicted by a horde of animated supporters and its cyclone rating ensures it will remain unfazed by even the most dramatic weather events.

At the club’s request, we customised the Deluxe Grandstand’s design to feature a walkway at one end only, which further increased the available seating space. With double plank footwells as standard, there is plenty of room for easy access to every seat. We delivered the Deluxe Grandstand ahead of schedule and the club are so happy with the outcome they told us to expect to hear from them again in the future.

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Felton 6 metre Deluxe Grandstand at Proserpine
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